I added Oberlo to my store, what’s next?

With the Oberlo Browser Extension we can sync and Import products from the AliExpress page directly into our Shopify Store, letting you Placer orders on AliExpress with an Automatically Filled check out form, Import order details to Oberlo from the AliExpress Page and even arrange all your products with the Epacket Delivery option.

Oberlo (and its browser extension) is a tool meant to make our life easier handling our online store.

ProTip: Whenever you are looking for products on AliExpress, make sure to filter the search results by “Orders”, pick the ones that have the biggest amount of orders, always try to choose Suppliers that you can see that have a historical performance.

After we have decided the product and supplier that we want, we just click on the superior right part of our browser (The Oberlo Browser Extension) and we click “Add to import list” , another way to add products to import list is, without having to enter the product page, just click on the blue Oberlo logo right next to the item on AliExpress and you’ll have it imported to Oberlo

ProTip: Always check if the product has Epacket, now, you might ask “What is EPacket”?

Epacket is a delivery option supplied by merchants in China and also Hong Kong. It permits these sellers to offer a fast and budget-friendly shipping alternative for light packages.

As the name (“e” Packet) implies, the shipping solution was developed for eCommerce, to make it much more budget-friendly and also quicker for consumers to obtain their buy from on-line shops as well as marketplaces that shipped out from China as well as Hong Kong.

The best part is that after doing that incredibly easy process, we just have to go to our Oberlo Page, refresh and see how our products now are showing in our browser, making the whole process way easier.

ProTip: Make sure to always check the prices for Shipping for the product that you are choosing, because the shipping of the product to your country could be free , but the shipping of the product to the country of the buyer might cost you an amount of money that will make your profit go down to zero).

Inside Oberlo you can change the title of the products, choose collections of products and tags to make the search easier for your costumers.

If you click on the second tag, next to the product tag, called Description, where you can choose how to describe the product to your costumers in a way that they won’t be able to say No to the idea of buying it from you.

ProTip: Delete the description from AliExpress and give your own personal twist to the description.

The third tag is Called Variables, here you can define the price of your product, you can see how much the product cost us, how much the shipping cost us and the final price with our profit margin, we can even use a compared price, where we can put an “Old” price for offers

Always make sure to verify the Oberlo’s suggestions, there you can see an average of the same product on all the other Shopify Stores

You can choose all the possible variables of the same product in this part (Let’s say you can sell a dozen, six or three of the same product).

The last Tag is Image, there you can choose the  image of the product you are going to sell

Protip: Always choose the images with the best quality and without a watermark, that gives a Professional touch to your store.

After doing all this we have to click Import to store, and after doing you’ll have your product available in “Your Products”, from there you can review the original AliExpress publication from where you choose your particular Item.

After doing that is time to go back to your Shopify Store, you choose all products and there you’ll see all the products you choose using Oberlo.

From your Shopify store you can even edit your Images, take out old watermarks and add your Store’s logo.

Protip: Import Images of the product to your product’s description, that way when people are scrolling down the description on their Mobile Phones, they’ll see images and not just boring text.

And After all that, you have your first product ready to be purchased from your costumers from your online store!

Using Oberlo will make the whole process way faster, and allow you to spend time and energy on marketing your online store.

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